The World of Rum    

Join us for Baraka's 3rd Thursday of the month "Fine Drinking Society", where we explore the tastes and expand your knowledge about the finest spirits we love to drink.

Our next adventure in fine drinking will be discovering the vast array of spicy and fruity rums from around the world. English, French and Spanish style cocktails have been created for this month's event, and you can explore the elaborate tastes of rums from South America and the Caribbean.

The tradition continues every month. Join our fine drinking society and sign up for our newsletter to keep up to date with our monthly themes.

Sparkling Passion
Tanqueray 10, Passion Puree/Passió püré, Homemade Coconut Syrup/ Házi Kókusz szirup, Lemon Juice/ Citromlé, Prosecco
  3 500 HUF
Mediterranean Negroni
Tanqueray 10 infused Tomato and Basil/ Fúzionált paradicsom és bazsalikom, BCN Vermuth, Campari
  3 800 HUF
East Fizz
Green Tea infused Ketel 1/ Zöld tea fúzionált, Sake-Hibiscus syrup/szaké szirup, Lemon juice/Citromlé, Tokyo Lemonade
  3 600 HUF
Margarita’s Kiss
Corralejo Blanco Tequila infused Grapefruit/fúzionált grapefruit, Cointreau Lime, Strawberry-Levander Jam/Eper-Levendula Lekvár, Strawberry Salt/Epres só
  3 900 HUF
Zwackerol Spritz
Roasted Pineapple infused Unicum/ Pirított Ananász, Aperol, Campari, Prosecco, Chili/Chili szálak
  3 300 HUF
Aged Vieux Carre
Barrel aged/Hordóban érlelt Whisky, Cognac, Tonka bean/ Tonka bab Vermuth, Benedictine,Chocolate Bitter/ Csokoládé keserű
  4 500 HUF
Baraka’s Old Fashioned
Hibiki Harmony , Red Wine Syrup/vörösboros szirup, Orange Bitter/Narancs keserű, Spicy Goat Cheese /Fűszeres Kecskesajt
  5 500 HUF
Colored Beach
Myers Rum, Element 8 Spiced, Lime juice/Limelé, Homemade Ginger Syrup/Gyömbérszirup, Rooibos Tea Foam/ Roibos Tea Hab
  3 900 HUF