Cocktails / Koktélok

Le French Kiss
A real French kiss, with calvados and apple vinegar, firstly sweet, followed by a sour finish with a drop of vanilla.
2500 Ft
Zwack Negroni
The king of the aperitif drink, in a new design with a little aperol and Unicum plum.
2500 Ft
Chinese Side Car
Our Chinese twist on the classic side car is nothing else but a fruity Macime Trijol Spécial spiced with rice vinegar.
2800 Ft
American Dream
The real American feelin' in a glass, with Jim Beam and popcorn to cream with an egg white.
2500 Ft
Miyagi Old Fashioned
Our bar's speciality, which is a classic old fashioned with japanese whisky and smoked salt.
3200 Ft
Baraka Margarita
We give some eastern citrus to the classic margarita, and a few drops of absinthe just for fun.
2500 Ft
Yang Yuhu
Refreshing long drink, created with the variation of apple, lychee, black tea and tequila.
2500 Ft
Marakech Bellini
The classic bellini in a trendy way, with rosewater and rosepepper.
2500 Ft
D’ark & Quit
We just call it the
2800 Ft
Shinjo Mojito
With a bit of a twist - yuzu and sake - and rum based as you know it.
2800 Ft
The Babilon Club
A fantastic balance of raspberry and sesame oil, gin based with an egg white.
2800 Ft
Makao Flip
A cupful of Asian flavours witj Japanese whisky, hoisin sauce with a bit of cinnamon, and as a flip, with an egg yolk.
2500 Ft

Non-alcoholic / Alkoholmentes

Balsamic vinegar, apple juice, sugar syrup
1800 Ft
Kyoto Queen
Grapes, elderflower syrup, lemon juice, apple
1800 Ft
Raspberry, pepper, cranberry, lime juice, soda
1800 Ft