To keep the high level of gastronomy and service Baraka offers, it takes a special group of dedicated, passionate people. Together, our team keeps pushing the bar higher in the Budapest restaurant scene.
David and Leora Seboek, Baker and Restaurateur Restaurateur and Baker

Baraka was our first child and we have seen it grow immensely since its days as one of the first quality contemporary restaurants to hit the Budapest dining scene. Baraka is a vehicle for Leora to show her design skills, where she uses her "less is more" philosophy, choosing only natural materials in great combinations and paying attention to the smallest of details. David learned baking and pastry through on the job training in Manhattan and in The Loire Valley in France. These experiences gave him the basics of which to build his career. Since opening, David has always been part of the pastry team and baking the artisan bread, which has become his passion. At home Leora and David are raising their three children, Ethan, Jonathan and Gabrielle, in a very multinational environment.

André Bicalho, Chef Chef

We love seeing the world through André's magical eye for taste and texture. He is one of the most inspiring chefs we have met, and we are proud to work together and support each other. Food is his passion in life since he took his first steps into the kitchen with his grandmother in Brazil. André lived in different metropolitan cities in Spain, France, Italy, the UK and Brazil. Those places, and the local and global diversity of products and cuisines available there, are at the root of his passion, and he is comfortable exploring and innovating with ingredients from all over the world. Add to that the many culinary experiences André has had (from event organiser to private catering chef, from food truck cook to a long term two Michelin star apprenticeship), it comes as no surprise then that he has a characteristically strong focus on perfection, always challenging the status quo to rise to a higher level of gastronomic delight for our customers, by focusing on detail in all aspects of the fine dining experience.

Biro Norbert, Chef Chef

Chef Norbert Biro has a inner passion to his craft of cooking. He is able to take any ingredient and technique and combine them in such ways that bring new taste combinations and textures in his ever evolving career as a chef. His grandparents were big influences on him while falling in love with cooking. Their love for nature were his inspiration for becoming a fisherman and having a connection to the ingredients coming from the sea. He loves the mid-century clean style of design as well as modern architecture, and these design elements are always in the back of his mind when he creates new dishes for his seasonal menus.

Andrej Ivetic, Executive Pastry Chef Executive Pastry Chef

Andrej is our exceptional pasty chef who became a confectioner by chance. By the present days he is working as a real talent who has a very impressive vision on his mind for a fine level of the art of pastry, back in time, Andrej wanted to be a chef. Ironically, on the year when he started school only pastry department was available. And as the beginning of his culinary journey he finished his studies as a pastry chef. After the graduation during the holidays he went to visit my relatives in France and America where he was working and learning in local confectionaries to get as many experience as he could. As a real enthusiast of the French pastry style and the Asian culture and flavours, Baraka is a nice challenge by putting these two remarkable ingredients everyday as beautifully pre-visioned and created desserts on unforgettable plates.

Gergő Bitai, Sommelier Sommelier

A real sommelier is like a talented story-teller: he could spend hours with telling exciting and inspiring stories about one single drop of an en excellent quality wine, teach others the hidden secrets contained inside each and every bottle, grapes, cuvées, and through the art of wine-making: about the life itself. Gergő is our sommelier master, who could share his passion with every our guest by always choosing the adequate wine for the selected dish.

Mácsai Bence, Bar Manager Bar manager

An inspiring mind who is committed to the high quality bar culture and fine drinking philosophy. Shortly after he came back from his professional experience in Dublin, he became a representative bartender in Budapest’s most exclusive bars. He’s the creative face of our AKA-BAR who could tell plenty of exciting stories about the cocktails, spirits and the history of bar culture. Come and join us for a unique night!